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Related post: Date: Sat, 8 Mar rompl post 2008 rompl links dark 17:06:35 +0000 From: brian bell Subject: Rex's rompl nudes Sexual Fun Chapter 2Disclaimer: Any resemblance to ru rompl people you know is purely coincidence, Blah, Blah Blah, You shouldn't be reading this unless your at least 18 yrs. Of age,Blah, Blah, If you don't like what under12 sexy pics romple your reading then click that little red [x] at the top right hand corner of the page, Blah! Last Time......"Oh shit Kyle, here it comes. Swallow my load!", I scream out as I thrust into his mouth as deep baby romple pussy as I can go, feeling my pole pulse, shooting jet after jetof hot teen jizz into his mouth. He try's to swallow it all, but I can feel some of it leak out of his mouth. When I finally stop shooting, I slide down thewall, the water cold by now, collapsing in a heap with Kyle rompl i am fool on the shower floor. As I sit there, recovering, I tiny dark alfa rompl hear a pair of hands clapping kidsex rompl and someonesay..."Nice show faggots"I turn my head and to my horror, there's Adam, leaning on the wall, an evil grin on his face."I knew you two were a bunch of cocksucker's." He crossed the shower and stood in front of us, turning the water off." Now what to do with this information?""Please Adam," Kyle says," nymph rompl don't tell anyone. We'll do anything you ask, as long as you keep this between us.""Fuck this shit," I say finally," he isn't going to say anything. asian rompl He's just alot of talk.""Listen shitpacker," Adam says, as he grabs me off the floor and turns me around, pressing incest pussy rompl my back into the cold tile wall of the shower," I'm not gay like you. You people disgust me, but a rompl terra mouth is a mouth and I got two of them at my disposal."You're crazy if you think we're going to suck you off." I say through gritted teeth, as Adam pressed his body even harder baby pics dark rompl into mine."Oh I think you'll do what ever I say," he says, grinning again," that baby sweet rompl is if u want this to be our little secret!" I baby rape rompl look over at rompl tgp Kyle, both of us knowingthat he baby rompl list was right. We had to do whatever he wanted rompl art or he would tell the whole school, not rompl forum pic blog to mention our parents, and neither of us was ready to come out."Fine Adam, dark rompl pussy we'll do whatever you say.""Good boys. I'm glad you see things my way," Adam said, grinning. He started to remove his track gear, starting with his t-shirt, revealing that smoothmuscled rompl net pics body I've dreamt about so many times. Next came his track pants, revealing his long muscled legs that had lead our team to many victories, covered ina dusting of fine blond hairs. That left him standing there in front of us in nothing but a black jockstrap, the pouch already straining to contain hispulsating erection."Get over here and kneel before your master you filthy fucking faggots," Adam said, stroking rompl sex his cock through the fabric of the jock." Rex, since your theone with the filthy mouth, I don't think you'll mind eating my ripe jock ass. Kyle you romple art can start on this monster right here." And with that, Adam pulled downhis jock, tucking it under rompl gallery nude his balls and unleashing 9 inches of the biggest dick I've ever seen. Thick as nude rompl pics a beer can and the whole thing covered in veins, itlooked like it belonged on a boys rompl horse, not on a 17 yr. old highschooler. Kyle, with a look of apprehension on his face, grabs it and starts to lick the head,working his way rompl free down the shaft and gently taking each crazy lol rompl ball into his mouth. Adam leans his head back and closes his eyes, letting out a sigh.I make my way to Adam's lol rompl pre tgp backside, taking each globe of his hot bubble butt in my hands and pulling baby rompl sex pics the cheeks apart. I lean in close and tentatively lickright across Adams hole, causing him to moan and grab my hair, pulling me into his ass even deeper. I go to work, eating his hole and trying to drive mytongue deeper and deeper. home"Oh fuck yeah," Adam moans," eat my hole and top rompl sites suck my cock you filthy fuckers. You're better than any cheerleader." For a few moments all that could be heardin the locker room was the sounds of slurping and sucking, followed by the occasional moan from pre rompl Adam."Oh fuck Rex, i don't know what the fuck you're doing back there, but don't stop. I'm gonna fill your buddy's mouth with my load soon." And no sooner were thewords out of his mouth, that i felt rompl kids pics porn romple his asshole start to clench, signaling an oncoming orgasm."Oh fuck, oh fuck, here naked rompl it comes u slut!" Adam screamed as he pulled Kyle's mouth of his forbidden rompl pole and started to stroke, shooting glob kids rompl after glob of cum ontoKyle's face, chest and hair. That's all none nude rompl it took for rompl kinder Kyle, who had been stroking his cock the entire time, to start shooting his load on the cold tile floor."Well fuck me," Adam petite rompl said, a big grin spreading across his face," that was the best time I've had without pussy in the room. I think we're rompl angel porn going to be havingalot more fun in the very rompl girl photo near future boys.""Wait a minute," Kyle said, finally finding the romple kids nerve to speak since this whole ordeal had started," I thought this was it?""Are you kidding me? Why would I babyrompl tgp give this up? Two cute romple lolas nude romple lil fuckers rompl underground that will pic rompl do anything I say?! Now get your asses out of my site before we go for round 2!"Rex and I just sat there on the floor for baby rompl galleries a second before we thought it wise to listen and get the hell out of there. We went back to our lockers and dressedfast, trying to get out of there before Adam finished with small rompl pics his shower. We got out of the school without running into him again and headed rompl freepics for Kyle's car.Once inside we locked the door's cazy lol rompl and just sat there processing what had just happened to us."Did that just really happen.?" Kyle xxx baby rompl vids asked"Unfortunately, it did and I hope it rompl sample never happens again!" I lied. Part of me hated what Adam did to us, taking advantage of us like that and forcing us todo stuff to him. On the other hand it excited me to no end and I hoped it would happen again. The car ride home was quite as we processed the events of thelast couple hours. We got to Kyle's house and thankfully no one was home, so we rompl board3 were able to sneak upstairs to his room and go to bed w/o questions. Weundressed down to our briefs and snuggled into his big bed, Kyle laying with his back pressed to my chest and my arm under his armpit snuggling him close.We've slept like baby girls rompl this for years, never worrying about his parents catching us because his room is on the 3rd floor. I awoke the next morning rompl pics jpg links at 7am, always being an early bird, feeling refreshed and horny as hell. Sometime during cute rompl porn the night Kyle had removed his briefs,which he's done since he was a little kid and kicked the covers off of us. My dick was in its favorite position, wedged between Kyle's asscheeks. I wasleaking precum like crazy and my dick was sliding up and down his ass, driving me crazy. I started kissing Kyle's neck, leaving little love bites, trying towake him up. I reached around and grabbed his dick, which was sticking straight nude porno kidz rompl up against his smooth stomach and started to stroke it, while i continued tokiss and nibble on his neck. After about 3 minutes of my administrations, I felt him start to stir and stretch. He rolled over onto his back and looked overat me, grinning."Well, Good morning!" dark collection rompl pic He said, leaning rompl lo over and kissing me on the lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I let go of his dick and grabbed the back of hishead, pulling him into me and returning his kiss. We continued to make out for a good while, all the while stroking each others cock's. I finally couldn'tstand it anymore and shoved him flat on his back, leaning down and taking his right nipple into my mouth, flicking and nibbling on the tiny nub, eliciting amoan from him. I continued this for a minute before switching to parent directory rompl the left one and repeating the process. I then worked my way down his body, kissing andnibbling till i reached my goal. I rompl fuck sex took his shaft into my rompl girl photo nude mouth, gallerys rompl flicking the head and working my way down the 8 1/2 phallus. Kyle moaned loudly and buckedhis hips on the bed trying to get more of his dick into my mouth, so i obliged and swallowed him till his neatly trimmed pubes were tickling my nose. Istarted rompl baby pics 12yo to move up and down his thick shaft, tasting his precum rompl baby pic as it freely flowed from his piss slit."Oh fuck Rex, suck my dick. God your so fucking hot this morning!" Kyle moaned as he grabbed my head and pussy baby romple free started to fuck my face. rompl gallery I could sense he was nearinghis orgasm so i stopped, causing him to whine. I grinned vombat rompl at this and then took his legs and shoved them to his chest and attacked that beautiful bubble buttoff his, shoving my tongue as deep as it would go. I ate vombat pics rompl his ass for a few minutes, alternating between licks and working fingers art rompl list into his boihole. When isuccessfully got 3 fingers in him, I reached in the nightstand and grabbed out trusty bottle of ID lollita rompl lube and slicked up my pole. I leaned in and kissed him asi entered him, feeling him moan and watching his eyes just about roll into the back of his head. Kyle is a strict bottom bytch, he absolutely loves to getpounded nice and hard and this morning was no exception."Oh fuck me Rex, fuck me hard!" He said, wrapping his legs around my waist and rompl sex ls magazine pulling me into him as deep as possible. I Started to fuck him, using longstrokes and slowly picking up speed until i was full out pounding 17 yo rompl him hard, feeling dutch baby rompl my balls bounce of his ass. I could feel myself getting close so istopped and straddled his chest, stroking russian baby romple my free rompl clips dick furiously."Oh I'm cumming, "I screamed as i shot rope after rope of cum lol rompl galleries onto his vombat gallery rompl open mouth, hitting his eye and hair also.I collapsed onto Kyle, rolling off of him and laying on my back, utterly exhausted. Kyle straddled my baby pics romple rompl petite chest, sticking his dick in my mouth. I started to suckon just the head, concentrating on getting him off, and receiving my reward."Oh fuck I'm cumming. Swallow my load," Kyle underground rompl xxx screamed as he shoved his girlz rompl dick in my mouth as deep as he could and shot the biggest load he's shot baby rompl pics nude in awhile downmy hungry throat.After our little morning sex session, rompl previews Kyle rompl galleries and me just laid there cuddling and basking in the afterglow of amazing orgasms.Just as we were starting to nod off, my cell phone started to ring. Britney Spears," Piece of lolka rompl me" started to fill the room before i rompl offhost picked the phone off ofthe rompl lol pic nightstand and cut her off."Hello?" I said, not recognizing the number. I put the phone on spear phone so Kyle and I could both hear what was going on."Listen and listen good," a voice i didn't recognize said," You and your friend free rompl only have some instructions to follow. Both of you get dressed and meet a black hot sexy rompl vanat Evangola State Park. Pack an overnight bag and nude russian rompl leave a note for your parents that your going to each others house for the magic rompl night. you have one hour. And if u don't, everyone, including your friend and family will know that your a bunch art rompl of cock sucking ass bandits!" With that the phone went dead......Duh Duh Duh!Sorry this chapter took so long guys, Lots going on this week; work, ex's, work, etc...So our boy's find themselves in a little predicament! Do they go? Or do they ignore the mysterious man and go about there day? We'll find out soon enoughI want to thank the overwhelming response i got to chapter one (45 emails in all, the most I've ever gotten , even if u combine all the previous fan letters rompl fuck from my other 6 stories!!!)And special rompl bb thanks to David for alerting me to someone who stole my story and posted it on another site. But thanks to the Nifty people and help from the site all has been resolved!send Fan mail to: and please include the story and the chapter number in illegal rompl vombats pics the subject line or just the word nifty.One last piece of information and a hint to chapter 3: I need lots of new characters for the next rompl bbc chapter :) so if you want to be in the story please include a picture of yourself and your stats or maybe a picture of a friend(with their permission of course) or just someone you think is totally hott! Ages 16-21 only please. rompl dark
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